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Give impossible the day off.

When a 500,000 lbs tow capacity is what matters, this is the truck for you.

When you need tackle the biggest and toughest jobs, there’s only one truck out there – the Western Star 6900.

As a tractor, it can pull loads over 500,000 pounds all day long. And with a body, it can move 80,000. Add in the engine choices and build options, and you’ve got a truck that’s as versatile as it is powerful.

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Western Star 6900

Power and efficiency, here’s to plenty of both.

Getting a Western Star is all about choices, and you can make sure there’s power and profitability in every one. That’s why you’ll find a selection of powerplants from both Detroit and Cummins. You’ll also get all the power takeoff options you’re looking for. Front engine or rear engine, we have you covered. Versatile, efficient, powerful and dependable. There’s no shortage of getting what you want around here.

Detroit DD15

The Detroit DD15® engine delivers more with less weight, powering the evolution of a new era in efficient driving. The DD15 is part of the Integrated Detroit Powertrain, 3 specifically-engineered components that improve efficiency, performance, and reliability.


Detroit DD16

The biggest, toughest and most powerful engine Detroit has ever produced, the DD16® is the only 16-liter engine available. And since it offers the longest service intervals in the industry, it tackles your hardest jobs while increasing uptime and profitability.


Cummins X15

With power and productivity, the Cummins X15 offers all-around performance with features like superior fuel and lube filter capacity that offer longer service intervals to optimize operational costs. The Cummins X15 is Designed to handle the heavy lifting.