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Morgan Proscape Van Body

The Morgan truck body is big enough to neatly store and transport the tools and equipment needed for almost all your landscape jobs. This reduces the need for additional warehouse storage and gives you the functionality of a dovetail/beavertail truck without the loss of valuable floor space.

Breathe easy – the PROSCAPE-VAN keeps your gear safe and secure and can prolong the life of your valuable equipment by keeping it covered and out of the harsh elements when not in use. Our lockable dual swing-arm mechanism will surely help you sleep better at night! The right body solution for the right application – that’s what you can always expect from Morgan.

Standard Features

  • Subframe: 3” I-beam crossmembers on 12” centers with 4” longrail, mylar tape is applied between all steel subframe components and extruded aluminum lower bottom rails to prevent corrosion*
  • Floor: 1-1/8” Laminated hardwood fastened to subframe with 2 countersunk screws per floor board per cross member in a staggered pattern. Floor boards are ship lapped and preundercoated for protection from elements.
  • Mounting: Full mount U-bolt
  • Rear Door: (Opening – H: 79 1/4” | W: 88”) Aluminum extruded floor bonded to aluminum skin (no rust – no rot). Weatherproof water resistant rear door seal. Swing bar locking system, tensioner for easy opening/closing.
  • Rear Frame: Galvannealed steel-painted Imron white, includes built-in header design, clearance light protector and rain deflector, rear grab-handles on the door.
  • Roof: .032” One-piece aluminum sheet with anti-snag roof bows on 24” centers with crowned roof design which reduces/minimizes water/ice pooling
  • Skins: .040” Aluminum, pre-painted white*
  • Side Wall: Extruded aluminum top and bottom rails with 1-3/8” deep galvanized steel Z-shaped vertical posts installed on 16” centers*
  • Front End: Aerodynamic Aluminum Radii and Morgan’s patented poly-tuff corner caps.

Unique Features

  • Main ramp door platform is constructed of 6000 series aluminum extrusions with aluminum exterior sheet for smooth appearance
  • Full perimeter door seals to minimize likelihood of water intrusion into body
  • Galvanized locking bars with “key lockable” feature secure ramp door in closed position
  • Pre- tensioned support cables assist in opening and closing main ramp door
  • Fold over-ramp is constructed of 5000 series aluminum sheet with “Swiss Cross” type pooched surface for maximum traction and weight reduction
  • Fold-over ramp has heavy duty steel “articulating” hinge to compensate for uneven or “high-low” ground surface
  • Heavy duty support chains are set to control proper ramp angle based on truck floor height
  • Grab handles are located to assist in opening and closing main ramp and fold-over ramp
  • Conspicuity tape applied to ramp to improve visibility during night time use


  • Translucent roof
  • Cargo control options including e-track, tie-rings and slat liner
  • Interior & exterior lighting option including LED
  • Shelving and rack systems
  • Wood, steel and composite scuff plate options
  • Optional rear view cameras
  • Custom paint and decal installation
  • Toolboxes
  • Side door with step & grab handles
  • Maximizer side door
  • Louver Vent

*Describes GVSD85 16’ – 20’ model