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Best Ways To Protect Your Catalytic Converter From Theft

Catalytic converter theft is on the rise and has become a significant nationwide issue this past year. The reason why thieves are targeting catalytic converters is because they contain precious metals such as rhodium, platinum, and palladium.

These metals are worth more than gold, which is why they are attractive to thieves. With this in mind, here are the best ways to protect your catalytic converter from theft.

Install a Deterrent Device

Although box trucks are large and easily noticeable, thieves still target them for catalytic converter theft. Thankfully, HFI can install deterrent devices such as a CatClamp to ensure that your catalytic converter can’t be stolen easily.

This is the best way to protect your converter from theft because it physically obstructs access to the component. Also, HFI can perform other tasks related to Isuzu truck repair, but prevention is the most effective strategy for keeping your truck in mint condition.

Park Your Truck Carefully

When you park your truck, make sure that you do so as carefully as possible. Thieves are most likely to steal your catalytic converter if you park your truck overnight somewhere or if it’s in a dimly lit area. Therefore, if you are locking your truck up for the night, make sure that your garage door is secure.

In addition, you may want to install a motion sensor or some other sort of security system in your garage to deter thieves. If you are parking it on the street or in a parking lot, try to pick a well-lit location where theft would be most noticeable.

Carve the License Plate Number Into the Converter 

If all else fails, carving your license plate number into the converter will help police officers identify your converter as they investigate the theft. Furthermore, if a thief sees your license plate number etched into the convert, it might compel them to move on to a different vehicle. Some police departments are coordinating their efforts with local vehicle repair shops to identify stolen converters via etches.

Overall, these components are highly sought after by thieves, which is why you need to protect your convertor at all costs. Now that you know the best ways to protect your catalytic converter from theft, you can keep your truck more secure.