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Causes of Commercial Truck Battery Failure

When your truck won’t start, the most obvious suspect is often the culprit: the batteries. If you maintain your vehicle the right way, you can get between three and five years of use out of a battery. But if it’s dying prematurely, you may face a significant issue. Many of the causes of commercial truck battery failure are within your control if you have a good mechanic.

Wrong Battery

Do you have the wrong batteries installed in your truck? It happens more than you’d think. If you need multiple jump starts, it could mean that your truck is trying to work with an unsuitable battery. That will take you only so far—literally. Difficulty starting the engine is another sign of trouble. You shouldn’t have to hold your breath trying to start your rig in the winter. Make sure that your battery is appropriate in terms of:

  • Reserve capacity (RC), or how much power it can store
  • Cold-cranking amps (CCA), how much of a current it can provide

Charging Issues

If your batteries won’t maintain their charge, something is preventing them from fully functioning. Let’s look at some of the most common causes of commercial truck battery failure:

Corroding Terminals

The hydrogen gas in your battery acid could be corroding the terminals. Too much buildup, and the battery will undercharge. Keep the terminals clean and you shouldn’t have a problem. If truck battery failure problems keep happening as a result of this corrosion, look into problems with the terminals themselves.

Faulty Alternator

A quick check of the voltage and current exchanged between battery and alternator will tell you if something is amiss.

Parasitic Loads

That’s a fancy—and frightening—way to say that other electrical uses are draining your batteries. If the truck is turned off or idling, it can’t recharge that energy. If you always have your radio on or have installed even more elaborate accessories, beware.

Rattling Around

The vibrations from even routine use can shake batteries loose if they’re not secured properly. When the tie-downs aren’t doing their job, the rattling batteries can damage the casing and plate assemblies or the terminals. You can check that they’re firmly in place by trying to shift the batteries.

Ask your mechanic to check your batteries for any of these possible causes of commercial truck battery failure. If you’re in New Jersey and need Isuzu truck service, you won’t find anything better than what we offer at HFI Truck Center. We service other brands, too. We can help you maximize the life of every part of your rig. Contact us today for thorough, expert maintenance and quality replacement parts.