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How To Keep Your Diesel From Gelling

An engine that experiences gelling as a result of cold winter temperatures is one of the most frustrating things a truck owner can go through. Gelling occurs when diesel fuel starts to solidify as a result of the temperatures. This process can cause many issues for a vehicle’s engine if not properly addressed. Here are five tips for how to keep your diesel from gelling.

Winter Diesel

As the winter months get closer, you must use the proper type of fuel to power your trucks. In the case of fleet vehicles, this often means using a blend of diesel that is specially formulated to prevent gelling. This type of gasoline is typically available each year between November and April.

Anti-Gel Additives

As the name suggests, anti-gel additives can be added to your fuel tank to help prevent your diesel from solidifying. These products work by lowering the freezing point of the diesel so that your engine can sustain lower temperatures. When using an anti-gel additive, be sure to select one that is alcohol-free to help protect your engine.

Keep the Tank Full

Another simple trick for how to keep your diesel from gelling is to always keep your gas tank at least half full. This will prevent excess moisture from having the opportunity to freeze in the fuel tank.

Store It Inside

You should keep your fleet of diesel vehicles inside whenever possible to prevent exposure to the elements. Storing the vehicles indoors will keep the temperatures from dipping low enough to cause gelling.

Plug It In

If you are fortunate enough to store your fleet vehicles indoors, you might also have access to an engine block heater. An engine block heater is capable of preparing your vehicle for the road, reducing the wear-and-tear of how trucks normally heat up over time.

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