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How To Properly Maintain Diesel Particulate Filter Systems

In the world of freight shipping, the diesel-powered engine has always reigned supreme. But keeping these vehicles serviced and maintained is critical to the long-term health of these workhorses of the roadways. Failing to service the engine can lead to costly repairs.

One of these systems that can fail is the one responsible for filtering out the dirty particles produced by diesel engines. Here is how to properly maintain a diesel particulate filter (DPF) system.

Passive Regeneration

One method for maintaining this system is passive regeneration. This occurs when the heat put out by the engine causes the soot from the gasoline to combine with oxygen to become carbon dioxide, allowing it to pass through the filter. This is done without any input from the driver, aside from normal road time. The ash produced in the engine block cannot become gaseous, so the filter needs to be maintained to provide complete protection.

Active Regeneration

If the engine isn’t producing the heat necessary for passive regeneration, your vehicle will rely on active regeneration to clear the soot. When the soot reaches a certain level, the engine will inject fuel to help oxidize the soot and clear the engine. Like passive regeneration, this is done without any input from the driver.

Other Options

The final way to properly maintain a diesel particulate filter system is to handle the filter system yourself. If your engine is still experiencing problems resulting from soot, completing a “parked regeneration” can help get your truck back on the road. If this step is necessary, you will need to keep the vehicle stationary while bringing the engine temperature up to normal operating levels. This usually takes between 20 minutes and an hour to complete. If you do find that you need to go this route, be sure that the exhaust is facing away from any people or objects that may suffer from diesel fumes.

Keeping your vehicles on the road is crucial to the success of your company. If you do find that it’s time for a new Isuzu diesel truck, come check out our available selection at HFI Truck Center.