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Signs of a Failing Air Intake System in a Diesel Engine

By the time something becomes a real problem with your truck, it’s too late to mitigate the damage. That’s why a great driver knows how to stay alert; the earlier the warning, the better. You need to look, listen, and feel if something is off with your vehicle. You can start by watching for these failing air intake system symptoms in a diesel engine.

What Cold Air Intake Does

Your truck needs oxygen just as you do, but it needs to move the right amount in and out of its engine smoothly. But the density of cold air is higher than hot air, so many vehicles compensate with systems that can mix the air with fuel, burn it, then release it. When diesel truck air intake systems are functioning well, the engine can live up to its potential power.

System Failure Warnings

Performance Issues

You know your vehicle inside out, and you know how it should be running. It shouldn’t be feeling sluggish before its time. This could be a dead giveaway of a failing air intake system. If the cold air intake for your diesel engine isn’t operating properly, you might notice:

  • A reduction in power
  • Slower acceleration
  • Less fuel efficiency

Dirty Filter

This could be a bad air intake symptom as well as a cause of the problem, and replacing it in a timely manner could thwart bigger issues. You can check to see if the filter has gone from white to brown or black, or investigate if you notice:

  • Your engine misfires
  • Your engine is rattling, vibrating, or hiccupping
  • Flames or smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe

High Idling

If your truck has a high or surging idle, you might have a vacuum leak. If any of the port hoses loosen, your air intake system will be in trouble.

Check Engine Light

Could it be that easy? Yes. When you see the “check engine” light come on, it’s time to visit a specialist. The intake system has sensors that can detect looming complications.

If these failing air intake system symptoms ultimately lead to the conclusion that you need a new vehicle, consider the selection at HFI Truck Center in Mountainside, New Jersey. We specialize in Isuzu trucks for sale, both new and used. Our service department can answer any other questions you have, too. Call us today to learn more!