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The Practical Advantages of Isuzu Cab Over FTR

Isuzu Motors sells a wide range of commercial trucks—from light to heavy-duty—around the world. The Japanese manufacturer focused on supplying North America with midrange trucks from class 3 to 5 for many years. It wasn’t until 2017, the company launched the class 6 FTR model, a 25,950-pound cab-over designed for urban and regional hauls, in the United States. This new breed is not a departure from their long-standing and successful formula for short wheelbase cab-over trucks—just an improvement. Here are a few advantages of the Isuzu Cabover FTR trucks.

Familiar Feel

When compared to its cousins, cab-over-engine trucks looks massive but familiar at the same time. All the same design elements on those past models are present on the FTR. It has the same panoramic front windshield for great visibility and 96” wide retractable side mirrors. You’ll also find the same simple, intuitive switches, knobs, and controls. They include the same easy to read instrument panel and gauges.

Manufacturers kept the drivers in mind when creating the interior of Isuzu FTR trucks. Both front seats recline, and the third center seat can fold forward to convert into a work station and glove box. Overhead there are two storage boxes with closable, lockable doors to keep objects from falling during travel. Additionally, the back part of the cab has extra behind the seat storage for an optional fire extinguisher and emergency pack.

Swift Urban Maneuverability

One of the best features of Isuzu’s cab-over trucks is the maneuverability. They designed their fleet of COE trucks with urban driving in mind. The combination of high visibility, low cab positioning, and maneuverability make it ideal for quick jumps around a major city with tight loading docks and sharp corners. Eight different wheelbase combinations, from 152” to 248”, on the Isuzu cab-over FTR series means you will find the perfect size truck for your needs. The team also wanted to combat the limited access to the engine on the road. So, due to the forward swing of the cab, Isuzu placed many of the daily checkpoints you’d find on a standard truck in an easily accessible front panel. Simply pull a lever (like a hood latch in a car) to pop open the panel, and you can check fluids and make small adjustments.

Other Features

The FTR series comes with either a 50- or 100-gallon fuel tank to power the 5.2L diesel engine that creates 215 horsepower and 520-pound feet of torque. Depending on the driver and road conditions, the engine gets eight to ten miles per gallon. Ahead of the 22” wheels with anti-lock brakes in the front of the truck are two tow hooks—use these in the event the truck needs pulling. Plus, the same high-quality Isuzu truck parts are available everywhere to fix any damages.