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Tips To Improve Fleet Efficiency

Improving the efficiency of a company’s fleet is important for the success of the company, especially if the fleet is the primary source of revenue. Freight companies, courier services, and delivery services all fall under this category. Fleet managers have to keep a keen eye on many things pertaining to the fleet. A simple way to know how well a fleet is doing is to find the measurables within, monitor them, and adjust according to the data. The data will show what is working and what isn’t. We have some tips to improve fleet efficiency to keep the trucks on the road and revenue coming in.

Manage Vehicle Depreciation

Depreciation of any vehicle is a fact of life. The second it is driven off a lot after purchase, it loses value. It’s an unfortunate reality of the business. The good news is that depreciation can be mitigated. Not all vehicles depreciate at the same rate and some retain their value over time. A vehicle that retains value is likely to last longer and will contribute to the fleet and bottom line longer. When a vehicle reaches the end of its life cycle, getting rid of it and getting some money back before it becomes a drain is important.

Watch Cost per Vehicle

Buying motor vehicles is expensive no matter what you’re buying. Buying trucks for a fleet poses a challenge for fleet managers. The vehicle needs to generate more money than it costs. Then, the least amount of money in repairs and maintenance needs to go in it to stay in the black. Overpaying for a fleet of trucks will lead to financial ruin.

Set Realistic Maintenance Schedules

Breakdowns, wear and tear, and regular maintenance are major expenses for the fleet—there’s no avoiding it. The trick is to keep the fleet running well on a minimum of expense. That means getting the most miles out of tires, changing the oil as late as possible, and keeping a close eye on all of it. Regularly scheduled maintenance is the key to keeping costs down—no exceptions can be made.

Consistent Driver Training

A major tip to improve fleet efficiency is driver training. Drivers are in the trucks day after day and are responsible for the vehicle’s operation. If a driver drives hard and puts unnecessary wear and tear on a truck, it won’t last as long. Regular training sessions to reinforce company policy and best practices is the best way to keep the trucks out of accidents.

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