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Understanding the Benefits of LCF Trucks

Many of us understand how important finding the right tool for the job is. You wouldn’t use a chainsaw to change a light bulb, right? The same goes for trucks. You need to use a truck that will meet your day to day needs and handle industry demands. That’s why truck companies make different models—there is no such thing as a one size fits all truck. We want to help you understand the benefits of low cab forward (LCF) trucks for areas where maneuverability is paramount.

There are several different classes of work trucks. For contractors, however, medium-duty trucks are best. They have the right mix of versatility and capability that contractors need, and they don’t require a special license to drive. Low cab forward trucks are one of the body styles that falls into the medium-duty classification. There are a few features that set the LCF truck apart from the others in its class—discover a few benefits of low cab forward trucks. 

Better Visibility

Cab-forward truck drivers have better visibility compared to those who operate conventional trucks. Since they sit on top of the engine, they can sit all the way in the front. This gives the driver exceptional forward and side visibility. The increased visibility makes the LCF trucks easier maneuver through streets and on job sites. The lower, forward design also allows the driver to fit in tighter urban spots and loading docks.

More Versatility

The basic LCF truck includes only the chassis and the cab. The buyer will pick out the appropriate body or bed that will fulfill their needs. After a professional upfits it, the truck is complete. Contractors can better store and organize their tools on the truck thanks to the ability to upfit.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Every fleet manager or contractor has different needs. That’s why Isuzu offers different engines with their low cab forward trucks. Every buyer can pick out what best suits their needs. Fuel economy is an important factor—people want to invest in trucks that have good gas mileage. As such, we plan to develop more fuel-efficient gas and diesel engines that deliver the same amount of torque and power as their counterparts. 

When you need truck parts in NJ, give us a call. Our parts department has a full inventory of replacement parts to repair or upgrade your Isuzu truck.