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What You Need to Start a Delivery Service

If you want to be an entrepreneur, then starting a delivery service is one of the easiest ways to do that. With more and more people ordering goods online every day, the need for delivery drivers and trucks continues to grow. There is no sign that the demand will go down anytime soon. Plus, you can do start up this business alone with just minimal expertise. You don’t need a CDL or a degree—just a normal driver license and a vehicle. It’s all pretty simple. Here’s what you need to start a delivery service.

Find a Niche

You are free to deliver whatever, whenever, and wherever you want. You are not limited by anything. However, it’s a good idea to dial in your services a bit. Decide on if you want to deliver furniture, medical equipment and tissue samples, or general packages of consumer goods. Whatever you decide on, it will make it easier to market and advertise your business and get customers.

Register Your Business

Pick a name for your business and register it with your local Secretary of State. There will be a fee associated with the filing, which varies from state to state. Once that’s done, register with the IRS and get a tax ID number for your new business. Then, you can open bank accounts for your business, register for any permits, and take out small business loans to get started.

Buy a Delivery Truck

The delivery truck is the most important part of this operation. The truck or vehicle you get should fit your business and what you plan to deliver. The larger your truck, the more cargo you can haul and more money you can make. Smaller box trucks like the lower cab forward (LCF) have a shorter wheelbase and are great for sprinting around an urban area.

Secure Business Insurance

The truck fleet will need the usual liability insurance on it in case of an accident. It’s also important to insure the business so that it’s protected. Commercial liability insurance will protect the business against lawsuits, protect the cargo you are carrying, and give customers peace of mind that you are a good business owner.

Start Marketing Your Business

Now it’s time to get some customers and start hauling some cargo. Mark your trucks with your company’s name and contact information. Start advertising online anywhere you can. Start pages on all social media platforms to get your name out there and even advertise in the local newspaper.

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