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Business Ideas That Use Box Trucks

Sometimes, all you need is a set of wheels to set up your own business. As long as people still need stuff transported, you’ll be in demand. And making the effort to get licensed and certified to transport different loads can open up a world of opportunities. You’ll see what we mean with these business ideas that use box trucks.

Delivery Service

One way to make money with a box truck is as a delivery service. Traditional shipping has limitations for businesses, and that’s where you can fill the void. If you develop relationships with local companies, they might call you to deliver furniture, food, junk, yard waste, and more. You could also promote your services on sites like Craigslist, where people buy things they can’t transport. Until you find your niche, you can work with a large corporation like FedEx, which always has work for contractors with their own trucks. 

Moving Business

Another idea for a company that uses box trucks is a moving service. At the end of every month, residents need movers to get them and their belongings to their new homes. You can help move someone move across town in a few hours, or sign up for a cross-country job. You’ll need a little muscle for this gig, so find a reliable partner who isn’t afraid to tackle the occasional piano.

Mobile Billboard

Our final box truck business opportunity to consider doesn’t require much work at all. Passive income is one of our very favorite kinds of income. Make sure you advertise your business on the side of your truck. Or you can lease the sides of your truck to a marketing agency, which will use a vinyl wrap that you can easily remove. Or offer the space to a small business independently.

As an Isuzu truck dealer, we’ve seen many business ideas that use box trucks become successes. Our customers have a hauling tool they can use in countless ways. Start making money with one of these methods, or come up with your own concept that suits you and your ambitions. Soon enough, you might be building your own truck fleet.