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How To Reduce Trucking Fleet Costs

To run a successful trucking company, it’s important to cut fleet costs whenever possible while still meeting customer demands and deadlines. Controlling operational costs of the fleet involves different steps and different team members. Fleet managers should start by looking at the area of operation that the company spends the most money on. From here, they should be able to determine the areas where reductions can be made. Learn how to reduce trucking fleet costs and increase capital today.

Plan Routes Wisely

Route planners tend to send drivers down the main highways on the most direct route to a drop-off. However, this isn’t always the best strategy. Alternate routes are available that are a shorter distance, both saving time and reducing the fleet cost per mile. Take the time to explore alternative routes in the interest of saving money. Faster routes may have a few more turns, but they will most certainly have less traffic, lowering the chances of an accident.

Reduce Truck Idle Time

The biggest waste in the industry is sitting idle. It is a bad habit of drivers to sit with the engine running, burning fuel, and not moving toward the next pick up. Obviously, fuel is the biggest expense for fleets, and burning it without the truck moving is a colossal waste of time and money. There are instances that the truck must stop, but that doesn’t mean the engine should keep running. If the engine runs idle for more than ten seconds, it burns more fuel than the process of ignition. As such, you should stress cutting the engine to drivers when docking to save fuel.

Driver Training

One of the smartest ways to reduce fleet expenses and improve fleet efficiency is by ensuring your drivers are consistently trained on best practices.. When it comes down to it, the driver is typically all alone in the truck. The driver can make or break a trucking company, so it behooves the company to train them properly. Establishing best practices and enforcing them will save money in driver retention, accidents, fuel waste, and no shows. This includes safe driving techniques, backing up, and defensive driving, all of which they can complete during an annual training program. This will keep trucks and drivers on the road making money. 

Watch the Money

Keep track of the monthly and yearly budget. The numbers will tell you where there is waste and what cuts are available. Don’t make snap decisions based on a bad week. If your gut tells you that you are spending too much on repairs, then track it. That is if the case the numbers show this information. Adjust operations to reduce trucking fleet costs and get back in the black.

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